20 years of a strong know-how in the gear industry, make of Jone engineering the guardian of a technologie which tend to be forgot and the owner of what it will be tomorrow.

Our services

Gear hobbs in :
– HSS and PM
– Carbide
Gear hard milling :
– Steel PM
Shaping cutter :
– Cutter
– Cluch cutter
– Disc cutter
Broaches :
– Flat type
– Involute splines
– Special profile
Sharppening :
– Gear hobs
– Shaping cutters
– Brauches

Gear cutting tools, sharpening

To obtain high quality results, we select for you the tools adapted to the highest productivity level.
From the unique manufacturing to the serial, we want to provide you full study, analysis and installations of the best means of the market.